Update from Brad Crosby 11/18

Good Day Everyone,

As you know Bart has been at RIC for over a week now and he just about “running” the show. Well, he’s walking it, at least.

Bart is taking to therapy like a fish to water. RIC and their PT regimen is really working! Bart is even tackling the stairs, preparing for his three flights of stairs back at home.

This week the Doctors are taking Bart off dialysis for a few sessions, Bart’s kidneys are showing that much improvement! For the past few days Jill, Bart’s daughter, has been leading the charge, cheering Bart on and assisting in keeping Bart hydrated! and motivated.

For the next two weeks the Crosby Family will be off the schedule at RIC and we are asking all of you to give Bart a call or text to check in with him, and even plan a visit.

We all appreciate your love and motivation for Bart, Keep it up!

The ComeBackBart.com site is looking awesome.
Happy Holidays to you all.

Bart and
The Crosby Family