Update from Brad Crosby 11/13


Well, it’s been a long run, and it’s not over yet. Bart will be on the move this week to the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. And while we know life doesn’t always go as planned, the fact is, Bart is coming back.

Bart’s health is now very stable, however, there’s going to be a lot of room to grow with his physical stability. This will be the next phase of the “come back” period and we remain optimistic about his full recovery.

Every tube, pic, prod, and most medications have been removed, and the only invasive item he will leave the hospital with is a “tunneled line” for dialysis. Bart’s kidneys are not coming back as rapidly as the rest of his body, so there’s a need for continuous dialysis. Time will tell if he needs permanent dialysis.

As you would guess, laying on your back for 2 months causes some serious hurdles. Bart is 30 pounds lighter and has lost significant muscle mass. RIC has promised to turn Bart inside out and is determined to get Bart back to a healthy and normal place.

RIC is a phenomenal facility and we are all very confident that Bart will benefit nowhere else better than here.

The visitation doors will open here soon. Bart would like to get adjusted to his new surroundings, but he’s just as excited to visit with every last one of you! His stay could be a month or more here so…. pace yourselves. And bring your work out clothes because Bart will be involved with PT three times a day. He will be a very busy guy and the RIC staff encourages visitors to participate!

Bart thanks all of you so very much for your love and continued support, as does the Crosby family. More to come soon.