Update from Brad Crosby 10/29

Bart just successively went through an angiogram procedure. The procedure placed one stint in the Left Aorta Descending Artery, one of the three main arteries in the heart. The rest of Bart’s heart looks very healthy. In addition to the procedure today Bart is recovering incredibly well in every other area. The biggest hold up to Bart right now is his inability to walk, having both feet in casts. This too will soon change. Bart’s Ortho team is due for a visit at the end of this week to check both feet. As of now he can place pressure on the one and we are optimistic that the Ortho team will clear Bart to place weight on both feet very soon, watch out! Bart’s kidney is still under-functioning. We will have a batter base line as to how much the kidney will recover within the next 3 months.

As of now, it’s pretty official, BART WILL COME BACK!

It will be a slow process but the guy is obviously amazing on every front, he even seems to amaze himself. He will announce his run for presidency in 2020 in the coming months

Bart is on the move to another section of the North Western Hospital as well, and we expect Bart to be released soon.

Bart’s is going to be on a very strict regiment of Physical Therapy for the next few months. It’s going to kill him if he wants to stay alive! so, if he seems tired and dis enchanted, good. That means our job as PT is working.

As for now, Bart is resting but he sends a “Hello” to all,” Thumbs Up!”

Bradly Crosby