Bart’s Update 12/08/15

Another transition ahead!

Bart has been at RIC for just under one month and his return is imminent. As of Thursday December 10th, Bart will have the last foreign medical instrument removed from his left side chest, a pix line placed to obtain blood samples. As of then the doctors are sending Bart home to fend for himself.

Bart’s determination to return to the comforts of his own home, mostly his Tempurpedic bed, have been his motivation and zeal.

Physical Therapy is on the docket for the next few months. During this time Bart’s family will be around, once again, to help around the house, and to muddle in Bart’s personal and professional life….. ha , It’s amazing how closely, sometimes too closely, we have all become thru out this whole ordeal!

What a great feeling this is, to us all, that Bart is Coming Home! The support given and felt by all of you has been overwhelming. Without it Bart would not be here, as he is today! Thank you!

The Crosby Family wishes all of you the Healthiest and Happiest Holiday Season!

To be continued…….

Update from Brad Crosby 11/18

Good Day Everyone,

As you know Bart has been at RIC for over a week now and he just about “running” the show. Well, he’s walking it, at least.

Bart is taking to therapy like a fish to water. RIC and their PT regimen is really working! Bart is even tackling the stairs, preparing for his three flights of stairs back at home.

This week the Doctors are taking Bart off dialysis for a few sessions, Bart’s kidneys are showing that much improvement! For the past few days Jill, Bart’s daughter, has been leading the charge, cheering Bart on and assisting in keeping Bart hydrated! and motivated.

For the next two weeks the Crosby Family will be off the schedule at RIC and we are asking all of you to give Bart a call or text to check in with him, and even plan a visit.

We all appreciate your love and motivation for Bart, Keep it up!

The site is looking awesome.
Happy Holidays to you all.

Bart and
The Crosby Family

Update from Brad Crosby 11/13


Well, it’s been a long run, and it’s not over yet. Bart will be on the move this week to the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. And while we know life doesn’t always go as planned, the fact is, Bart is coming back.

Bart’s health is now very stable, however, there’s going to be a lot of room to grow with his physical stability. This will be the next phase of the “come back” period and we remain optimistic about his full recovery.

Every tube, pic, prod, and most medications have been removed, and the only invasive item he will leave the hospital with is a “tunneled line” for dialysis. Bart’s kidneys are not coming back as rapidly as the rest of his body, so there’s a need for continuous dialysis. Time will tell if he needs permanent dialysis.

As you would guess, laying on your back for 2 months causes some serious hurdles. Bart is 30 pounds lighter and has lost significant muscle mass. RIC has promised to turn Bart inside out and is determined to get Bart back to a healthy and normal place.

RIC is a phenomenal facility and we are all very confident that Bart will benefit nowhere else better than here.

The visitation doors will open here soon. Bart would like to get adjusted to his new surroundings, but he’s just as excited to visit with every last one of you! His stay could be a month or more here so…. pace yourselves. And bring your work out clothes because Bart will be involved with PT three times a day. He will be a very busy guy and the RIC staff encourages visitors to participate!

Bart thanks all of you so very much for your love and continued support, as does the Crosby family. More to come soon.



Bart Crosby

Dear All,

Thank you, thank you, thank you. All of your notes have lifted my spirits and given me the encouragement to get back soon. Today I am starting the second phase of my treatments and will be moving to The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago.

So…after a broken back, two broken feet, pneumonia, two heart attacks, an angiogram, and dialysis three times per week, I’ll finally be taught how to walk again!

Special thanks to my children Jill and Drew who have guided my recovery and Bradly who has acted as my voice, my hands, and my connection to my business and the world.


Update from Brad Crosby 10/30

Bart is continuing to move forward. We are anticipating a discharge from the hospital sometime early next week. Some small medical issues remain that are preventing Bart’s escape from the poking and prodding. However, the outlook for his release is looking like next week.

What’s next for Bart? More Hell!

Physical Therapy will be the next hurdle! Bart has been accepted to RIC (Rehab Institute of Chicago) RIC has a three hour of PT program per day, it’s going to be extremely taxing on Bart but this is where he needs to be. Bart’s outlook on life is improving. Some days are better than others, however, He’s optimistic and full of energy today.

Bart sends his love to all, so does the Crosby Family


Update from Brad Crosby 10/29

Bart just successively went through an angiogram procedure. The procedure placed one stint in the Left Aorta Descending Artery, one of the three main arteries in the heart. The rest of Bart’s heart looks very healthy. In addition to the procedure today Bart is recovering incredibly well in every other area. The biggest hold up to Bart right now is his inability to walk, having both feet in casts. This too will soon change. Bart’s Ortho team is due for a visit at the end of this week to check both feet. As of now he can place pressure on the one and we are optimistic that the Ortho team will clear Bart to place weight on both feet very soon, watch out! Bart’s kidney is still under-functioning. We will have a batter base line as to how much the kidney will recover within the next 3 months.

As of now, it’s pretty official, BART WILL COME BACK!

It will be a slow process but the guy is obviously amazing on every front, he even seems to amaze himself. He will announce his run for presidency in 2020 in the coming months

Bart is on the move to another section of the North Western Hospital as well, and we expect Bart to be released soon.

Bart’s is going to be on a very strict regiment of Physical Therapy for the next few months. It’s going to kill him if he wants to stay alive! so, if he seems tired and dis enchanted, good. That means our job as PT is working.

As for now, Bart is resting but he sends a “Hello” to all,” Thumbs Up!”

Bradly Crosby

Letters to Bart

As some of you may be aware, our dear friend and Chicago designer, Bart Crosby, founder of Crosby Associates,  is recovering from injuries sustained in an auto racing accident. While his injuries are significant, his family is most hopeful that he can make a full recovery. In lieu of hospital visits, the family is encouraging friends and colleagues to send our thoughts and prayers his way. And given the power of creativity and Bart’s love for design, we’ve found the perfect way for you to express your thoughts.

All you have to do is design your original typographic expression of the letters “B” or “C” on the furnished templates below. Upload your image to the site and we’ll make sure that Bart’s initials and the “Come Back Bart” movement takes flight. Your images will fill his hospital room and we’ll also be creating case bound editions of the entire collection as keepsakes.

Should you have any questions, please post them to the inquiry area of the site.

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