Bart’s Update 12/08/15

Another transition ahead!

Bart has been at RIC for just under one month and his return is imminent. As of Thursday December 10th, Bart will have the last foreign medical instrument removed from his left side chest, a pix line placed to obtain blood samples. As of then the doctors are sending Bart home to fend for himself.

Bart’s determination to return to the comforts of his own home, mostly his Tempurpedic bed, have been his motivation and zeal.

Physical Therapy is on the docket for the next few months. During this time Bart’s family will be around, once again, to help around the house, and to muddle in Bart’s personal and professional life….. ha , It’s amazing how closely, sometimes too closely, we have all become thru out this whole ordeal!

What a great feeling this is, to us all, that Bart is Coming Home! The support given and felt by all of you has been overwhelming. Without it Bart would not be here, as he is today! Thank you!

The Crosby Family wishes all of you the Healthiest and Happiest Holiday Season!

To be continued…….