Well, it took five months of hospitalization and rehab (and I’m still rehabbing) but I’m now back and at ’em!
There is absolutely no way I could have gone through this without all of you giving me your encouragement.
The comebackbart website gave me great hope, energy, and tremendous motivation.

This episode has given me a very different outlook on life and a greater appreciation of everything I have—especially my family and all of my friends.

My deepest thanks and sincerest affection to each of you—Adam, Agustin, Alexander, Alisa, Anthony, Becca, Ben, Brad, Bud, Chris, Christian, Chuck, Cole, Connie, Dana, Deb, Don, Drew, Elissa, Emily, Francois, Fred, George, Glenn, Gosia, Greg, Jamie, Jane, Jennifer, Jennifer, Jenny, Jeremiah, Jessica, Jill, Jilly, Joerg, John, John, Joseph, Joseph Michael, Julie, Julie, Kahne, Kate, Kathe, Ken, Kit, Kym, Lance, Lane, Marcia, Maria, Marty, Michelle, Milton, Monica, Oliver, Parker, Pat, Paula, Peter, Richard, Richard, Rick, Rob, Robin, Ron, Russell, Sabrina, Sam, Sandro, Scott, Scott, Sean, Sherry, Steff, Steve, Steven, Tanner, Tate, Valerie, Wayne, Wendy, and Whitney.

With love,