Well, it took five months of hospitalization and rehab (and I’m still rehabbing) but I’m now back and at ’em!
There is absolutely no way I could have gone through this without all of you giving me your encouragement.
The comebackbart website gave me great hope, energy, and tremendous motivation.

This episode has given me a very different outlook on life and a greater appreciation of everything I have—especially my family and all of my friends.

My deepest thanks and sincerest affection to each of you—Adam, Agustin, Alexander, Alisa, Anthony, Becca, Ben, Brad, Bud, Chris, Christian, Chuck, Cole, Connie, Dana, Deb, Don, Drew, Elissa, Emily, Francois, Fred, George, Glenn, Gosia, Greg, Jamie, Jane, Jennifer, Jennifer, Jenny, Jeremiah, Jessica, Jill, Jilly, Joerg, John, John, Joseph, Joseph Michael, Julie, Julie, Kahne, Kate, Kathe, Ken, Kit, Kym, Lance, Lane, Marcia, Maria, Marty, Michelle, Milton, Monica, Oliver, Parker, Pat, Paula, Peter, Richard, Richard, Rick, Rob, Robin, Ron, Russell, Sabrina, Sam, Sandro, Scott, Scott, Sean, Sherry, Steff, Steve, Steven, Tanner, Tate, Valerie, Wayne, Wendy, and Whitney.

With love,


Don Minner


So glad to hear you’re back and that the recovery is going well.

We all missed your flair!


Jennifer Webster

Although my time with you at CA was brief, the impact you had on me will stay with me for my lifetime. You taught me to follow my heart and do what I love. You are the perfect example of that.

Life is sweeter with you in it. Glad you’re back, Bart.

Sherry Flores

Keep up the great recovery! Glad you are back home!

Brad Crosby

Bart’s first day at the new office in Suite 3510, December 11, 2015.

Bart’s Update 12/08/15

Another transition ahead!

Bart has been at RIC for just under one month and his return is imminent. As of Thursday December 10th, Bart will have the last foreign medical instrument removed from his left side chest, a pix line placed to obtain blood samples. As of then the doctors are sending Bart home to fend for himself.

Bart’s determination to return to the comforts of his own home, mostly his Tempurpedic bed, have been his motivation and zeal.

Physical Therapy is on the docket for the next few months. During this time Bart’s family will be around, once again, to help around the house, and to muddle in Bart’s personal and professional life….. ha , It’s amazing how closely, sometimes too closely, we have all become thru out this whole ordeal!

What a great feeling this is, to us all, that Bart is Coming Home! The support given and felt by all of you has been overwhelming. Without it Bart would not be here, as he is today! Thank you!

The Crosby Family wishes all of you the Healthiest and Happiest Holiday Season!

To be continued…….

B. Martin Pedersen

Dear Bart,
I was away for a while, and upon coming back I heard the tragic news.
It is of course imperative that you get better to perhaps race again, and even more important to get back to designing which you do so brilliantly.
Big hugs to you (where it doesn’t hurt),

Sabrina Nizzi

Hello Bart,
Back in Chicago and look forward to seeing you again.
Sending best wishes for a full recovery!
Come back soon!

Robin Landa

Dear Bart,
My best wishes for a speedy recovery!

Ken Pagni

Make it soon. Things are rather dull without you.

connie harvey

thinking about you from the west…hang in there!

Ken Pagni

In the passionate quest for self expression, thank God for duct tape.

Update from Brad Crosby 11/18

Good Day Everyone,

As you know Bart has been at RIC for over a week now and he just about “running” the show. Well, he’s walking it, at least.

Bart is taking to therapy like a fish to water. RIC and their PT regimen is really working! Bart is even tackling the stairs, preparing for his three flights of stairs back at home.

This week the Doctors are taking Bart off dialysis for a few sessions, Bart’s kidneys are showing that much improvement! For the past few days Jill, Bart’s daughter, has been leading the charge, cheering Bart on and assisting in keeping Bart hydrated! and motivated.

For the next two weeks the Crosby Family will be off the schedule at RIC and we are asking all of you to give Bart a call or text to check in with him, and even plan a visit.

We all appreciate your love and motivation for Bart, Keep it up!

The site is looking awesome.
Happy Holidays to you all.

Bart and
The Crosby Family